For children, play constitutes a large portion of their learning. Children are continuously investigating their environment by observing, touching, listening, smelling, and tasting. Activities such as painting, dancing, building, story time and “make-believe,” help develop skills that last a lifetime.

Art is a big deal in the Enrichment class, not only is it fun and calming, it also opens the dialogue for lots of curiosity and questions. Guided play is also used to expand language and make connections with real-life experiences. Children will also learn valuable problem-solving skills.

We provide challenging, but appropriate hands-on activities that are individualized according to each child’s  needs. Children are taught appropriate ways to communicate with their peers and adults through social stories, role-play, puppets, and so much more! Opportunities are provided for each child to learn and grow in an environment that provides just the right amount of love, guidance, and nurturing.

Enrichment PROGRAM

Our Enrichment consists of older two and younger three year old children. This classroom is used to provide a gradual transition between our two year old room, and our more independent three year old room.

This age group is less self-involved and more interested in sharing what they have with others. They are no longer playing by themselves as much, but rather engaging in play with other children.

Consistency and routines go a long way in helping the children find the emotional support and security they need. We redirect children and use repetition to help them find discipline. We also believe that love and a kind hug may be all the help some children need in order to feel calm and secure.