We often get positive feedback from parents of children who have completed our four year old program.  Parents have expressed to us that their child's kindergarten teachers recognized that the children from Happy Acres are well-prepared and that their knowledge entering kindergarten exceeded that of other children!




Our four year old children generally have a good grasp on their social skills and are able to express their needs and wants verbally.  Our teachers encourage children to express themselves freely through art, drama, music and dance.  They are learning to problem-solve and to work things out on their own with limited guidance.

Children this age are taught how to constructively explore the world around them through in-depth hands-on activities.  Our four year olds are very interested in learning sounds of letters and putting letters together to make words.  We believe that phonics is essential to early reading.  Our teachers work very closely with parents and children in order to assess what children know and take them to the next level.  We feel it is extremely important that parents and teachers have a good relationship with open communication.

Our teachers recognize that all children develop at different rates and create lesson plans to ensure that each child is being challenged.  Children often are capable of above average work because of our individualized planning and our comfortable learning environment.