The three-year-old children at Happy Acres are learning to be independent.  They are mastering self-help skills like zipping, buttoning, cleaning up after themselves, and so much more!  Children are taught responsibility through classroom jobs assignments.

Three year olds at Happy Acres begin their year working on pre-writing skills and developing fine motor control.  As they develop these skills, children will become more and more interested in writing.  They are learning phonics along the way and begin to realize that they can put sounds together to form their names as well as other words.  Children are beginning to recognize words in print as they read along with their teacher.​

Children learn valuable social skills through peer interaction with the guidance of a loving teacher.  They are taught how to communicate their thoughts and ideas verbally and appropriately.  Sometimes children just need a little help finding the right words to use.  Dramatic play is a big part of the three year old's day.  These experiences help children gain problem-solving skills.

Three year old children are very inquisitive and energetic.  They will ask questions about everything!  Through our hands-on approach to learning, children will discover the world through their senses.  They will explore nature, count and sort objects by color, shape and size, and learn cause and effect.

Our three year olds are reviewing what they have been taught in our Two Year Old and Enrichment rooms.  We are simply building upon what the children already know and constantly challenging them to do more!  It is critical that teachers keep them engaged in what they are learning, supporting each of their individual learning styles.  This is the time when teachers can really instill in children a love for learning!​​